Nyaung U Market

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 in Myanmar (Burma)

On our way into Bagan we stopped for a couple of hours at the Myaung U Market to photograph in the market and around the streets. It was a busy, busy market with too many other tourists shoving their cameras in the faces of the beautiful Burmese market vendors. To move away from the inconsiderate crowds, I moved further back into the area where the meat, poultry & fish stalls were. Less crowded, and allowed me more time to just observe.

Meat/Meet in the Market

This little girl followed me around the market, and into the street. Her mom was trying to sell me postcards, purses, jewelry, and many other trinkets. I was focussed on the girl’s smile, and managed to capture her essence.  The markings on her face are “Thanaka”. It’s a yellowish-white paste made from ground sandalwood bark and many Myanmar people apply it to their face as sun protection, and to decorate. Before I left I purchased a small jar of my own Thanaka.

Myanmar smiles

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