Myanmar (Burma)

U-Bein Bridge

Posted on Dec 11, 2013 in Myanmar (Burma)

Last night I finally captured a sunset image I’m proud of. The U-Bein Bridge. It’s an iconic image that represent Myanmar in so many travel books, and my goal was to photograph it in the golden sunset. Myself and another photographer hired a fishing boat to take us into the river, and we watched the crowds thin as the sun was setting, and at just the right time, groups of monks walked by my lens to be part of my image.

U-Bein Bridge at Sunset

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Nyaung U Market

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 in Myanmar (Burma)

On our way into Bagan we stopped for a couple of hours at the Myaung U Market to photograph in the market and around the streets. It was a busy, busy market with too many other tourists shoving their cameras in the faces of the beautiful Burmese market vendors. To move away from the inconsiderate crowds, I moved further back into the area where the meat, poultry & fish stalls were. Less crowded, and allowed me more time to just observe.

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